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Milkboys, and RinRin, the new Blue Orchid organization. Child porn

Without dude, Blue Orchid is alive with a new mix names: Milkboys + RinRin
Original Blue Orchid (Russ)
Una secta que se niega a morir "boylover o la imbecilidad del pederasta"

Los depredadores se han unido para conformar de nuevo la organización Blue Orchid, de donde partieron los boylover a volar y crearse una supuesta nueva raza, creeyérense con derecho a violar, esclavizar, prostituir, desaparecer, amenazar y asesinar niños, para lucrarse, protegerse, y hacerse a un mundo que les conociera por su "amor a los muchachos", lo que llamaron "boylover"... Esa que bautizaron la nueva raza, la que limpiaría su "karma pedófilo", peor que cualquier secta que se niega a desaparecer camuflando sus estrategas entre artistas, esos que ayer, como W. McBride que participó solapadamente en estas acciones, ahora se presenta como un "anciano" dedicado a su vida artística, camuflage perfecto que le ha servido para engañar miles de personas por décadas en todo el planeta. Abran los ojos señoras, señores, adolescentes y niños, que la nueva raza, maldita desde antes de nacer, ahora nos quiere pintar bonitos panoramas de "boy model" para llevar a su aceptación y que la pornografía ya no sea penalizada bajo el pretexto falso de lo artístico; son criminales, de la peor calaña, lo visto este fin de semana deja sin aliento a cualquier persona; esperemos que las autoridades actuen, porque ya está siendo tarde.....
Una imagen vale más que mil palabras, dicen y solo advertirle a la sociedad mundial, el fenómeno va a repetirse, y luego será tarde...
Ante la indiferencia de la sociedad, y el miedo de las autoridades... Orarle a las deidades antiguas, dignas del ateismo, ángeles caídos, bendecid a los niños...

At the beginning of 2000 the colleagues of Moscow criminal search obtained operational information about the fact that in the Internet was placed the site by the name “Blue Of orchid”, on which are proposed to the purchase the video films of the pornographical content of homosexual directivity with the participation of children from Russia.

Since site was oriented to the foreign users, the operational purchase of the advertised production was carried out through the associates from the USA. By the recipient of money in Moscow proved to be 18 summer youth, who was immediately undertaken for observation.

At the end 2000 was established and delayed the organizer of this business Of [vsevolod] to Sun- elba. Immediately after detention, to his pager is alien communication from a certain of Sergey, who reported that soon it will return from Petersburg and wants to conduct “production conference”. To Sun- elba it acknowledged that this is its system administrator, man who follows the site. Sergey [Garbko] they detained in the St. Petersburg military hospital, where it was located after [DTP]. They delivered it into Moscow and arrested.
At the searches through the places of residences for Solntsev- elba and [Garbko] was discovered the large number of video cassettes, photographs, and equipment for the production of child pornography. Furthermore, on the computer [Garbko] they revealed the bookkeeping “blue orchid”. Namely - the list of the sold production and data of buyers. Thus, were established pedophiles from the USA, Germany, France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Turkey and number of other foreign states. This information was without delay transmitted into the embassies and [dip]. the representation of the countries indicated.
Surveys on the withdrawn cassettes were in essence known for that period of the time of the producers of child pornography: Vladimir Timofeev, Igor [Rossiyskogo], Dmitriy [ivanova]. But there were the surveys also not of known operators. Thus, on one cassette was discovered the record of film “the punishment of thief”. It was the original (version for sale it was with the changed sound) and to establish [porno]- directors it remained the matter of time…
Yuri [Arkhipov] and Victor [Razumov] lived in the latter in the apartment, they conducted there children and child pornography for themselves was removed. But once [Arkhipov] introduced [Razumova] to Solntsev- elba and said that was obtained from it the order for filming with the elements of sadism. Subsequently they took this film. This it was “the punishment of thief”.
During the study personalities [Arkhipova] and Of [razumova] was explained that earlier them already they attempted to detain in [OVD] “[Altufevskiy]” in the criminal case, excited on the facts of lewd actions with respect to minor, but… [Arkhipov] it jumped out from the balcony, and [Razumova] although drew to the criminal responsibility, the matter they soon ended on amnesty. It even was not arrested. Then cassette with “the punishment thief” they did not find. Yes it was not - it was in to Solntsev- elba during the installation.
In March 2001 Victor [Razumov] was arrested. They were by this time already established and child, taken in this film, and one additional participant in the project - “actor” Aleksey [Tormozov], who was being himself the brother of the forced in the film boy.
The culmination of operation became the neutralization of the sex- tourist of Glen [Martikena], the client “blue orchid”. It arrived to Moscow from the USA for organizing of joint business and entrance into the sexual connection with the child. Subsequently, when it was explained that to the child, whom Glen it led into the hotel room, has already been carried out 14 years, were secretly created the necessary conditions for the return of pedophile to the native land. And they already there arrested it, after producing charge in the intersection of boundary for the purpose of the entrance into the sexual connection with the person, who did not reach 18 summer ages.
By this time, in other states already to the utmost extent dispatch investigations according to the clients “blue orchid”. As a result, to the criminal responsibility were drawn more than 50 criminals. This matter became the object of report at the current session of the members of the group “large eight” about a positive example of the cooperation of the law-enforcement agencies of different countries.
On this page are represented the video recordings, which tell about the sensational matter “blue orchids”:

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